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Welcome to Enable New Zealand, your local ACC provider home modifications.

Enable New Zealand is here to serve as your expert advisor and independent moderator in the journey to modify your home.

Throughout the process we’ll work closely with you, ACC, the assessor, and the contractors who will carry out the modification work.

Our earlier video outlined the distinction and modification types.

Video two: the consultation and design process

In this video will discuss the consultation and design process for standard and complex modifications, and explain what you might expect to experience at this stage.

From this point on we’ll work together to prepare the planning and design of the modifications required for your home.

Following a review of the ACC referral information and your housing assessment by a professional advisor and housing advisor, Enable New Zealand will develop a scope of work.

Step one: the initial meeting

We then provide the scope of work to the consultant whose first step is to coordinate the initial meeting at your home.

The initial visit will include you, the assessor, ACC, and the consultant.

This meeting will identify the impact on both the property and the inhabitants, and we'll work out who needs to be involved in the process and who will ultimately be affected.

This is a really good time to ask questions and provide input into what you need considered in the structural design of your home.

You may also wish to consider options such as additional contributions, or an oversight process.

The consultant who attends your site may not be a construction expert, however, they are professional designers who will involve any experts required for your job, such as engineers, and be guided by their recommendations.

They'll consider the condition of your property and the scope of the modifications required as they designed the best solution to meet your needs.

Your assessor and your ACC case manager will also discuss the options with you and ensure the suggested modifications will suit the needs of you and your household.

Whatever the means for your home will keep you informed about the scale of the work and the expected time frames for each part of the process.

There’ll be a lot of decisions to make, big and small, and we're happy to discuss any details throughout our service. We want you to feel informed and in control, so if you're unsure please ask for clarification.

Step two: the initial plans

We take care of the next step in the process as the initial plans are developed for your modification.

Once the consultant has met with the relevant parties and considered all factors in your modification, they will design and present us with the preliminary plans for your home.

These plans will take into account all aspects such as each modification is different and our goal is to ensure your specific needs are met.

We realise you may be living with others and their needs will also be considered

The current condition of your home can have an impact on the options and this will be discussed with you in the initial stages.

Our consultants will also allow for any recommendations from the industry experts.

The plans must meet ACC's recommendations for your modification.

Enable New Zealand's professional and housing advisors then review the plans and ensure they make the scope of works for your modification. We’ll seek changes and make recommendations if required, and once satisfied will send them to ACC for consideration and preliminary approval.

ACC approval is necessary at certain times and it can help to keep out time frames on track if you respond to any correspondence promptly.

Once satisfied with Enable New Zealand's recommendations in the plans provided, ACC will be in touch to obtain approval.

During the planning stages, you’ll be required to engage with the decision-making process, from paint colour and carpet through to discussions about your use of the spaces in your home.

There may be times when you require support in order to make decisions, remember that we're here to support you throughout the process.

If at any stage you are unsure about the plans or need more information please contact Enable New Zealand as soon as possible to talk it through.

Step three: review and tender

Now that we have preliminary plans that all parties agree to we take the next steps on the planning journey.

We’ll request final working plans from the consultant, which take into consideration any changes that might have been made to the plans throughout the consultation process.

With the final plans in place, we can then create a tender request to engage all contractors required to modify your home.

Our tender process is thorough and will ensure that all contractors on your site are professional, qualified, and guaranteed by us.

Please be aware that while tenders are open contractors may need access to your home to provide quotes for the modifications.

As mentioned in our earlier video, you can use your own builder, but you'll then be responsible for all project management and this is a big job.

Alongside the tender process we'll also submit any documentation for consent and compliance and make recommendations and endorsements to ACC.

The planning and consent process can take some time and your patience is appreciated as we make sure all bases are covered for your modification.

Please be assured that we’ll work as efficiently as possible and keep the lines of communication open as we progress a final tender recommendation and plan to meet your needs.

Enable New Zealand will review...

The Enable New Zealand housing advisors will review the tender analysis, quotes and final plans before making a final tender recommendation to ACC.

There will be direct communication between ACC and yourself to ensure that full agreement is reached for the proposed work.

Once ACC has agreement they'll advise you and Enable New Zealand of the necessary approval through notifications and letters.

Step four: preparing for construction

Let's look ahead to the next step in the modification process.

With the planning and design taken care of, you’ll want to prepare for the construction of your home modification.

At this point will give you a clear expectation of when the construction phase will begin.

Having people in your home and changes been made can be stressful for some people, so we have a couple of tips to help you get ready.

Many of our clients find temporary accommodation is their best option during the modification to their home.

We can work with you and ACC to assess your accommodation needs and establish a plan to keep you safe and minimise disruption during construction.

Getting ready:

The contractors will need easy access to the workspace so please discuss with us if you need help to prepare the area for construction.

Once a date has been set for the modification work you're obliged to notify your insurance company of the details.

We’ll provide you with another video which includes more details of the construction phase closer to the time.

In the meantime, we hope this video has helped you understand the planning and consultation phase of our service.

Please contact your Enable New Zealand representative if you have any questions at any stage of the process.

It's our goal to ensure the modifications of your home are completed with a minimum of disruption and provide a positive outcome for your needs.

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