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Replacing equipment under $5000 in MidCentral region

If your worn out equipment (assistive technology) needs replacing, and it's uneconomical to repair, we might be able to replace it for you. This applies to you if:

  • you live in MidCentral
  • the equipment was funded by the Ministry of Health
  • it costs less than $5000
  • your equipment is broken, worn out and uneconomical to repair.

One of Enable New Zealand's repair technicians will first check with you that this is the same type of equipment that you require and that your old equipment can’t be fixed.


Michelle is a long-term wheelchair user and has noticed an issue with her cushion. She has contacted Enable New Zealand’s repair technician to fix it. The technician has come and checked the equipment and worked out that the cost of fixing it is uneconomical and orders a new cushion to be delivered to Michelle.

The replaced equipment will be similar to your previous equipment but it may not be the exact same make and model as your old one.


Jane has a Birdie Compact yoke hoist (Invacare) and the repair technician notices it is uneconomical to repair. There are no Birdie Compacts available but another similar product called the Liko Viking yoke hoist (USL Medical) is available.

The repair technician orders a replacement Liko Viking yoke hoist for Jane.

If you need a different kind of equipment

If your equipment is considered broken, worn out and uneconomical to repair but it is no longer what you require, then you will need to see a health professional (occupational therapist or physiotherapist). They will see what other type of equipment there is that is better suited for you, for example if you have grown and now require the next size up or if you need a different piece of equipment.

If you have to wait to see the health professional, we may replace your current equipment in the short term.


Laura has a walking frame that the Enable New Zealand repair technician considers is uneconomical to repair. Laura is not sure that the walking frame is what she needs now and would like a health professional to provide some advice on what other types of mobility equipment may be more suited for her. The appointment with the physiotherapist is a few weeks away, but Laura still needs a safe walking frame to get about. The repair technician arranges for a replacement walking frame for Laura to use while she waits to see the physiotherapist. 

The repair technician will advise the health professional that your equipment has been replaced.

Please note: Like for Like replacement does NOT apply to equipment (Assistive Technology) that requires specialist set up, is highly complex, individualised or customised equipment such as profiling beds, communication devices, powered wheelchairs, complex or configurable manual wheelchairs, complex pressure care or postural management products. This process is part of a trial and may be changed if required.