Equipment collection form

For Ministry of Health equipment issued by Enable New Zealand

If you no longer need or use your equipment, we’ll arrange for Fliway Transport to collect it.

  • Please allow 1 working day for us to book your job with Fliway Transport.
  • Someone from Fliway Transport will contact you within 2 working days of your job being booked. 
  • Fliway Transport will collect your equipment within 7 working days of your job being booked.
Client information

Who was the equipment originally issued to?

Contact details for this request

Who can we contact about this request?

Equipment details

Please only add Ministry of Health equipment. We cannot collect other equipment items.

Collection details

Where can we collect the items from?

Do we need to call to arrange a time? Is there a dog on the property? Any other instructions?

Questions or concerns?

Please contact us if:

  • you’re unable to fill in the collection form
  • you have any questions
  • you have any feedback (positive or negative) about our collection service. 

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