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EMS outreach services

Equipment and Modification Services (EMS) outreach services

Enable New Zealand provides outreach services for the following:

  • Wheelchairs and seating equipment
  • Postural management (24-hour positioning) equipment
  • Housing modifications.

The Ministry of Health funds these services.

Professional advisors run clinics for EMS assessors and clients

Our professional advisors hold regular clinics across the country, within our service area.

  • They offer clinical expertise or technical support to EMS assessors. (Occupational therapists or physiotherapists.)
  • They can help explore appropriate and cost-effective solutions for the disabled person.
  • They offer the opportunity for EMS assessors to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Learn more about our professional advisory services

In 2016/2017 we held 210 outreach clinics:

  • 161 wheelchair and seating clinics (includes postural management)
  • 49 housing outreach clinics.

Clinics generally take place in District Health Board clinic rooms. Clinics may also take place in schools, residential homes or a person’s home.

Referrals to EMS outreach services

Credentialed or accredited EMS assessors can refer a person for outreach services. The person must meet Ministry of Health eligibility and access criteria.

Please visit our Disability Funding Information website for more details.

Wheelchair and Seating Outreach Service (external website)

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