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Annual Reports and Plans

Enable New Zealand’s work, successes and achievements

At Enable New Zealand we are extremely proud of the work we do to help disabled people to live everyday lives in our communities. Find out more about our yearly activities, financial performance and future plans.

Year in Review

2015–2016 Enable New Zealand Year in Review (PDF, 4.24MB)

Numbers for 2015/16

  • $21.7m spent on equipment
  • 93,750 items of equipment issued
  • 46% of equipment reissued
  • 56,583 New Zealanders received our services
  • 3,431 housing modifications undertaken
  • 210 outreach clinics held
  • 222 contracts held with equipment and service partners

2014–2015 Enable New Zealand Year in Review (PDF, 659KB)

MidCentral District Health Board annual reports and plans

Enable New Zealand is an operating division of MidCentral District Health Board. Our yearly activities, financial performance and future plans are reported in MidCentral District Health Board documents.

2014–2015 Annual Report MidCentral District Health Board (PDF, 4911KB, 138 pages)

2015–2016 Annual Plan MidCentral District Health Board (PDF, 5.36MB, 129 pages)

About Mid Central District Health Board

MidCentral District Health Board (

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