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Assessors Online

Ministry of Health Assessors: Working with Enable New Zealand

Find the systems, tools and information you need to access our Ministry of Health funded services.

Enable New Zealand Services

Go straight to systems and tools

You can go straight to these systems and tools from the navigation bar:

  • EMS Assessor Online
  • EMS Advice Request Form ENAH112
  • Enable Online with RTL – and RTL user notes
  • Ministry of Health EMS Prioritisation Tool Learn Online
  • Ministry of Health EMS Prioritisation Tool
  • Ask a Question – Online Form
  • Disability Funding Information website.

Learn more about our processes, systems and tools

Disability Funding Information website (

Use this website to find:

  • clinical guidelines
  • processes, procedures, user notes
  • forms and manuals
  • resources, e.g. product lists, subcontractor lists,
  • notices and updates.

Find out how to:

Register, update details or re-credential in EMS Assessor Online

Submit service requests in Enable Online with RTL

Get clinical advice and support from an EMS adviser

Ministry of Health manuals and resources

Children’s Spectacle Subsidy Manual and Clinical Guidelines | Disability Funding Information

Disability services | Ministry of Health

Equipment and Modification Services manuals for providers and EMS assessors | Ministry of Health NZ

Hearing Aid Services Manual | Disability Funding Information (PDF, 1.27MB, 40 pages)

Prioritisation tool resources | Ministry of Health NZ

Feature lists