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ACC Housing Modifications Videos

Understanding the ACC housing modifications process: Enable New Zealand videos

ACC clients, staff and occupational therapists are invited to contact Enable New Zealand for access to our three short videos about the ACC housing modification service.

The videos explain how we plan, design and manage housing modifications. They also give some information about timeframes, where possible.

The housing modification process can be complicated. Some aspects of the service, and the time it takes, can be frustrating.  We hope the videos reassure you that the service you receive will provide the outcome you are seeking.

Getting links to the videos

The videos are in a private viewing area on You Tube. We can send you links to the videos by email, USB or DVD, whichever is easiest for you. Please let us know what you need.

Contact Enable New Zealand ACC Housing Modifications Team

Here is more information about what each video covers and the general process.

Video 1 You’re in safe hands: Understanding your house modification with Enable New Zealand (10 mins)

Video 1 provides an overview of how Enable New Zealand manages the modifications process.

It explains:

  • minor, standard and major modifications
  • what affects how long modifications can take (how complex the work is, building consents required and how many building specialists need to be involved)
  • the main stages in the process.

Video 2 Design and Planning: Keeping you up to date every step of the way (7 mins)

Video 2 explains how standard and major modifications are designed.

During this phase:

  • the building consultant is briefed (given a scope of work)
  • there is a site visit to the person’s home (or the house to be modified)
  • preliminary plans and then final plans are drawn up, reviewed and approved by ACC, the person and the occupational therapist, with expert advice from Enable New Zealand
  • we send out tenders to our building contractors for quotes
  • ACC approves the final plans and quotes
  • building consents or compliances are applied for.

Timeframes in this phase:

Standard modifications take about 6-8 weeks to design and approve. It takes another 6-8 weeks to get quotes and final approvals to start the work.

Complex modifications take about 8–11 weeks to design and approve. Tendering of more complex housing modifications may take longer than standard modifications.

Applications for council or building industry compliance take up to 90 working days on average.

Video 3 Completion and Sign-off: The end process (5 mins)

Video 3 explains the process of getting ready for the building work, carrying it out and getting signoff when the changes are completed.

During this phase:

  • the building plan, schedule, timeframes are set out
  • the insurance company is notified about the modifications
  • the home is prepared for the contractors to work in (moving furniture and belongings)
  • the person (and their household) moves to temporary housing, if needed
  • the person makes decisions about decor or designs (paint, flooring etc)
  • the building work is carried out by contractors and overseen by Enable New Zealand
  • the finished modifications are signed off by all parties
  • the building permits, consents and compliance certificates are finalised.

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