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Housing Contractors & Consultants

The Enable New Zealand Design and Building Service Provider is Service Resources Limited (SRL). On Enable New Zealand's behalf they work directly with a professionally qualified network of builders local to the client's region. Enable New Zealand and SRL have a team of Building Consultants, Architects, Designers, Project Managers, Technical Housing Advisers, Professional Advisors and Customer Service Facilitators.

If you are an ACC Assessor and wish to book a builder to progress a Minor Modification Referral please contact SRL on 0800 226 700.

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ACC Assessors please refer to the Minor Modifications Toolkit for additional guidance.

If you have any queries about the Design & Building Services network please contact one of the Enable New Zealand Housing Advisors as listed below:

Glen Withers - 027 550 3030
James Donald - 027 455 5125
Geoff Snedden - 027 722 7575
Ropata Stephens - 027 550 3050
Brian Sorenson - 027 581 7222
Bruce McCrorie - 027 527 6354

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