Enable Short Term Loan

Using the short term loan (STL) inventory system

Enable Short Term Loan is a web-based system that helps District Health Boards (DHBs) manage their short term loan equipment.

Enable Short Term Loan allows DHB staff to:

  • request equipment for clients
  • see the inventory available at any time
  • dispatch equipment
  • manage recall of equipment.

Staff can also transfer equipment from the DHB STL pool to the Ministry of Health long term loan pool. This saves DHBs from having to retrieve and replace the same equipment. Transport costs are reduced and there is no disruption for the client.

Watch training videos

We provide training videos to familiarise our Short Term Loan users with the system. 

View our Enable Short Term Loan training videos

Read our user notes

Download a copy of the user notes for STL (PDF, 324 KB, 10 pages)

Download a detailed version of the user notes for STL (PDF, 658 KB, 18 pages)