Enable New Zealand becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand

In pursuit of Enable New Zealand’s mission to support disabled people and their whānau to live everyday lives in their communities, our operations are regularly reviewed to identify areas for improvement and growth in delivering services to our customers.

Enable New Zealand has been an operating division of MidCentral District Health Board (MDHB) since 2002, an arrangement that has served the organisation well for two decades. However, in recent years Enable New Zealand has grown significantly and the Board of MDHB concluded that transferring the business operations into a new ownership and governance arrangement will ensure we’re well positioned to deliver the best service possible for New Zealand’s disabled community into the future.

MDHB approved the transfer of Enable New Zealand from an operating division of MDHB to an existing wholly-owned subsidiary of MDHB (Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand from 1 July) called Enable New Zealand Limited in May 2022. The transfer takes effect today.

“As an operating division of MDHB, Enable New Zealand has been supported to grow into the organisation it is today – a leading provider of disability equipment, housing and vehicle modification services, and disability information in Aotearoa,” says Michelle Riwai, General Manager of Enable New Zealand. “But everyone agrees the time has come for the business to change its corporate structure – alongside other reforms underway across the New Zealand public health and disability sectors – to give Enable New Zealand the strategic direction and focus the business needs to best support disabled people and their whānau.”

Kathryn Cook, Director, Enable New Zealand Limited and Former Chief Executive, MidCentral District Health Board, agrees.

“It’s been a privilege to support the team at Enable New Zealand as they’ve gone from strength to strength and proven their ability to change and adapt in pursuit of the mission to support the disabled community. Moving the business to an existing subsidiary entity is the logical next step for Enable New Zealand’s future success. It sets up Enable New Zealand with the strategic focus, and operating structure it needs to best serve the disabled community.”

The transfer to Enable New Zealand Limited will change our corporate form, ownership structure, and governance arrangements, however it should have no direct impact to ongoing and seamless delivery of services to our customers.

A new Board of Directors will be appointed in the near future who will govern and manage the business and affairs of Enable New Zealand Limited. Recruitment for a new Board is currently underway.