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Navigating Futures Together

Enable New Zealand staff were on hand at last week’s Navigating Futures Transition Expo held in Palmerston  North, to discuss and provide  information about the services provided by Enable New Zealand, an organisation with 40 years experience in the health and disability sector. Navigating Futures is an event specifically aimed at youth and school leavers with disabilities.

Community Disability Support Services Manager, Raewyn Cameron, said “Having a presence at events such as Navigating Futures is important so that people know what’s available and what organisations are there to support them and their family with ongoing decisions about their future.”

The Enable New Zealand team can provide or help find information on: what services are available, how to access them, how to find specialist support and advocacy groups, how to find a Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination organisation, other community information, accessible facilities and businesses in your community, information related to specific disabilities, and ageing processes.

Enable New Zealand is the largest provider of support services across the health, rehabilitation and disability sector for the provision of equipment, housing and vehicle modifications holding regional and national contracts with the Ministry of Health, ACC and District Health Boards.  Enable New Zealand is an operating division of MidCentral District Health Board.  Its head office is located in Palmerston North, with sites in Christchurch and Hamilton.

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