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Enable New Zealand newsletter – Kia Māro

Community news, stories and information for disabled people and their families, whānau, aiga and carers. You can read the newsletter online. Or we can email it to you.

Read Kia Māro here

Issue 11 Kia Māro/November 2017 (PDF, 6.06MB, 12 pages)

Issue 10 Kia Māro/June 2017 (PDF, 4.09MB, 11 pages)

Issue 9 Kia Māro/April 2017 (PDF, 6.62MB, 13 pages)

Issue 8 Kia Māro/December 2016 (PDF, 2.72MB, 10 pages)

Issue 7 Kia Māro/September 2016 (PDF, 7.05MB, 13 pages)

Issue 6 Kia Māro/May 2016 (PDF, 2MB, 12 pages)

Issue 5 Kia Māro/February 2016 (PDF, 3.44MB, 14 pages)

Issue 4 Kia Māro/November 2015 (PDF, 2.29MB, 9 pages)

Issue 3 Kia Māro/August 2015 (PDF, 2.05MB, 7 pages)

Issue 2 Kia Māro/June 2015 (PDF, 3.44MB, 9 pages)

Issue 1 Kia Māro/April 2015 (PDF, 2.03MB, 7 pages)

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We welcome your feedback or ideas for stories. Or let us know if have an event you’d like to list in our ‘What’s on’ section. Email us as above or contact our office.

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Kia māro te ihu o te waka – Pointing in the right direction

The name of our newsletter comes from the Māori phrase ‘kia māro te ihu o te waka’. It means ‘keeping the prow of the waka pointing in the right direction’. This is a friendly reminder to us, Enable New Zealand, to stay on course and to always ensure that the services we provide are pointing in the right direction.

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