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Ailsa Lucking

About Ailsa Lucking

I have been an Occupational Therapist for 25 years and have been lucky enough to have lots of good jobs. I have worked predominantly within physical health, both in NZ and the UK.  I am lucky enough to have lots of family in both countries, so they are both places I feel strongly connected to.

I have worked in the public and private section and have had many career highlights.  I always think that any day that a good outcome has been achieved for a client has been a good day. Highlights would be: Enabling a client to go on a tour of Beaumaris Castle, getting an elderly couple home for Christmas, watching a child move themselves for the first time, seeing someone smile because they could now communicate independently... and the list goes on.

I enjoy being a Clinical Service Advisor within Enable as it allows me to work within a great team who are committed to trying to achieve the best outcome for people.  I am very excited to see the impact that the Enabling Good Lives principles will have for disabled people throughout New Zealand and think that Enable is well placed to be part of this change.

Contact details

Clinical Services Advisor

Clinical Advisory Services

Occupational Therapist

Phone: (03) 741-9454