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EMS Advisory and Outreach Services

Clinical advice and support for EMS assessors

Enable New Zealand provides advice, education and support for Ministry of Health EMS assessors in our service area.

We can guide or support you to:

  • clarify if a person meets the Ministry of Health’s eligibility requirements, or specific EMS access criteria
  • assess equipment, wheelchairs and seating, housing and vehicle modifications for a person with a disability
  • consider support options to best meet the person’s needs.

Request advice about equipment and modifications

To request advice and receive a written recommendation, complete our online ‘ENAH112 Request for EMS Advice Form’.

You can find the form and guidelines on the Disability Funding Information website.

EMS Assessor Advice | Disability Funding Information

In many cases you must consult an EMS advisor. See the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Consultation with an EMS Advisor | Ministry of Health NZ

Refer person to EMS outreach service

For face to face support from an EMS adviser, you can refer a person to one of our outreach services:

Wheelchair and Seating Outreach Service

Postural Management Outreach Service

Housing Outreach Service

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