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Postural Management Outreach Clinic

This Service Offers:

  • Clinic advice and support from a coordinator who is a highly skilled in 24hr positioning.
  • The opportunity to consider/trial product from several different suppliers on the day, to create a solution that best fits the client’s individual need.
  • Assistance with setting up equipment and advice on how to train family and caregivers.
  • The outreach clinic is a mobile service. Most appointments occur in the client’s home.
  • All of the above assistance is available for new clients and reviews of existing clients who already have funded equipment.

Who can refer a client to the clinic?

An EMS assessor accredited in Wheeled Mobility and Postural Management Level One (WMPM1) and Wheeled Mobility and Postural Management Lying (WMPMLYING).

If I am not accredited in WMPM1 or WMPMLYING, can I still refer my client?

Yes, but you will need to refer your client with a colleague who does have WMPM1 accreditation. You will both need to attend the clinic appointment. You will also need a nominated assessor with WMPMLYING for any service request submitted.

When is the next scheduled clinic?

Wheelchair and Seating Outreach Clinic Dates

How do I refer a client to the clinic and book an appointment time?

Complete the following forms and email them to

ENAO802 Positioning Outreach Service Referral form

Postural Care Summary and Sleep Diary (where possible) please contact for more information.

Upon receiving the completed forms an appointment time will be arranged during the next available clinic.

NOTE: The EMS Assessor must be present at the clinic appointment

For further information please contact:

Wendy Horning - Palmerston North, Levin, Masterton, Hawkes Bay, Whanganui, and New Plymouth

Sally Wallace – Wellington, Gisborne, Nelson, and Blenheim

Rachel Brown – South Island (excluding Nelson and Blenheim)

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