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EMS Assessor Accreditation

Accreditation as a Ministry of Health EMS Assessor

Health professionals must be accredited to access Ministry of Health funded Equipment and Modification Services (EMS) for people with disabilities.

You must register with Enable New Zealand on the EMS Assessor Accreditation Framework. Once accredited you can submit service requests to your EMS provider (Enable New Zealand or accessable).

Learn more about the Framework, accreditation categories and requirements.

EMS Assessor Accreditation Framework | Disability Funding Information

Apply for accreditation

The first step is to register / create an account in EMS Assessor Online.

Register in EMS Assessor Online | Disability Funding Information

You’ll also need to:

  • complete the EMS Core Module
  • complete any other learning requirements for each category you are applying for
  • nominate an employer or supervisor for each category
  • apply for the appropriate assessor category and status (approved, provisional, credential, re-credential).

Renew your accreditation (re-credential)

If your area of accreditation is in the credentialed category, you will need to renew your registration as specified in the ongoing requirements.

Re-credentialing categories | Disability Funding Information

Ministry of Health Equipment and Modification Services

Learn more about the equipment and housing and vehicle modification services the Ministry of Health provides for eligible people.

Equipment and modifications for disabled people | Ministry of Health NZ

Enable New Zealand manages the EMS Assessor Accreditation Framework and EMS Assessor Online database on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

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