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DHB Short Term Loan Equipment

Manage short term loan equipment with Enable Online STL

Enable Online STL, a web-based inventory management system, helps District Health Boards (DHBs) track stocks of short term loan equipment after a person is discharged from hospital.  

This service is delivering significant savings and efficiencies to two DHBs, currently.

Manage your stock efficiently

Enable Online STL allows you to:

  • identify who short term loan equipment is issued to
  • recall equipment when it is due for return
  • electronically re-categorise equipment from short term loan to long term loan
  • order an identical or similar replacement item from the Ministry of Health funded equipment pool managed by Enable New Zealand
  • carry out stocktakes
  • transfer stock between different DHB locations
  • adjust stock if discrepancies are found
  • track hire equipment to provide oversight and minimise hire costs.

Transfer stock ownership easily from DHB to Ministry of Health

Enable Online STL has a unique innovation: the ability to seamlessly transfer equipment from the DHB short term loan equipment pool to the Ministry of Health long term loan equipment pool.

You don’t need to retrieve the short term loan equipment from the client, only to replace it with the same type of equipment for long term use.

There is no disruption for the client. They can keep their short term loan equipment after the return date, if required.

Enquire about leasing Enable Online STL

Contact our Operations Manager at our Head Office, Palmerston North.

Contact Enable New Zealand

New approach to inventory management of short term loan equipment

Enable New Zealand is working with a number of other DHBs. We hope to identify opportunities to address the need for a nationally sustainable, sector-wide approach to inventory management of loan equipment.

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