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Equipment and Modification Services

Equipment, housing and/or vehicle modifications for people with disabilities

Enable New Zealand provides Ministry of Health-funded equipment and modifications to houses or cars to help people with disabilities. Our service is for people living in these areas:

  • North Island: all areas South of the Bombay Hills
  • South Island, Stewart Island, Chatham Islands.

Find out what the Ministry of Health can provide

Visit the Ministry of Health website below to find out:

  • who can get equipment, housing and/or vehicle modifications
  • what support the Ministry can provide
  • how to get support through an EMS assessor.

Equipment and modifications for disabled people | Ministry of Health NZ

Get a referral to an EMS assessor

We need a request from an EMS assessor before we can issue equipment or organise modifications.

To get a referral to an EMS assessor talk to your:

  • doctor or other health professional, or
  • District Health Board, or
  • Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) service.

How equipment and modification services are funded and provided

Visit the Disability Funding Information website pages below. Please note: This website is mainly for EMS assessors.

Equipment and wheelchairs funded by Ministry of Health

Housing modifications funded by Ministry of Health

Vehicle purchase, assessments and modifications funded by Ministry of Health

Children’s spectacles subsidy (15 years and under) funded by Ministry of Health

Hearing Aid Subsidy/Scheme funded by Ministry of Health.

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