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MOH Equipment: Repairs and maintenance

Repair and maintain Ministry of Health-owned equipment

Enable New Zealand provides a service to repair and maintain the equipment and wheelchairs we issue on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

Our service is for equipment issued to people in these areas:

  • North Island: all areas south of the Bombay Hills
  • South Island, Stewart Island, Chatham Islands.

Get equipment repaired or serviced

Look up our list of equipment and wheelchair subcontractors. Contact the subcontractor for your area.

Enable New Zealand Equipment and Wheelchair Subcontractors Contact List (PDF, 26 pages)

Repairs to equipment are free, unless the equipment has been neglected or abused.

Get equipment replaced

Contact your EMS assessor if your equipment is:

  • wearing out
  • no longer useable or suitable
  • unable to be repaired.

Your assessor will advise us what needs to happen.

Look after your equipment

Please follow the instructions you’ve been given for using and looking after your equipment.

For North Island residents

Equipment Operating Instructions (North Island): ENAS001 (PDF, 2 pages)

For South Island residents

Equipment Operating Instructions (South Island): ENAS002 (PDF, 2 pages)

General instructions

  • Make an emergency plan. For example, what to do if your wheelchair breaks down after-hours, at the weekend or on a public holiday. Talk to your EMS assessor – and to your NASC, if you use one.
  • Do not sell your equipment or give it away. It is owned by the Ministry of Health.
  • Keep your equipment clean and well looked after. You might end up paying for any repairs, otherwise.
  • Insure high cost equipment, if you can.
  • Get your equipment serviced and repaired when needed.
  • Do not make any changes to your equipment. Talk to your EMS assessor or therapist if your equipment needs changes.

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