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MOH Equipment: Returns

Return unused equipment to Enable New Zealand

Please return any equipment you don’t use or need anymore.  We’ll clean and restore the equipment if it’s still in good condition. Then another person can use it.

Ask us to collect the equipment

Look for our silver label on the equipment.

Phone the number on the label. Or contact us, as below.

Phone: 0800 362 253 (0800 Enable)


We’ll send a courier to collect the equipment.

Return equipment to our Palmerston North, Christchurch or Hamilton warehouses

Look up Enable New Zealand warehouse locations.

Tell us if you move

In New Zealand

  • Please let us know your new address.
  • You can take your equipment with you.
  • You’ll need to pay your own costs for moving your equipment.


You can take the following equipment with you:

  • Mobility equipment, e.g. walker, wheelchair
  • Communication device, reading glasses, hearing aids
  • Low-cost or personal equipment, e.g. brush, cutlery, Easireacher.

Please contact us about returning any other equipment, e.g. beds.

Into rest home, residential or hospital care

Please contact us for advice about what equipment you can or can’t take with you.

Identify Ministry of Health-owned equipment for sale

Please contact us if you see someone selling an item of equipment with an Enable New Zealand label. Or you can give them this notice:

Notify seller of MOH-owned equipment: Enable New Zealand Notice (PDF, 1 page)

Enable New Zealand equipment label

Enable New Zealand Asset Label

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