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Disability Information Services

Information and advice for people with disabilities and older people

Enable New Zealand provides the New Zealand Disability Information Advisory Service on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

We can help you find information and/or advice about:

  • specific disabilities or age-related changes
  • how a disability or getting older might affect a person – and their family/whānau
  • funded and non-funded support services and equipment available for people with disabilities and older people
  • how to access disability support services.

Anyone can use our service, for free.

Phone or email us

Find our contact details below. Or send us a question using our online form.

Use Enable New Zealand online question form

Find disability services in your area

Visit our weka Disability Information website

Read about Ministry of Health-funded disability services

Look up the websites below.

Disability services | Ministry of Health NZ

Disability Information Advisory Services | Ministry of Health NZ

Ministry of Health Disability Funding Information | Enable New Zealand

Visit our EASIE Living Centre, 585 Main St, Palmerston North

  • Our one-stop-shop for disability equipment, advice, services, information and education.
  • For older people and people with disabilities.
  • Buy products from us – in person or over the phone.
  • Invite us to talk to your organisation.
  • Ask about booking our community meeting room.

Look up our EASIE Living & Demonstration Centre website

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Newsletters: Enable New Zealand

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