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About Us


"Quality Living - Healthy Lives"


"Enable New Zealand will facilitate and deliver quality access to resources for people with identified health and disability support needs"

Enable New Zealand delivers a range of services for older people and disabled people. These services are contracted by the Ministry of Health, ACC and for some other District Health Boards.

Enable New Zealand: 

  • Is one of the largest providers of equipment and housing modification services for the Health and Disability Sector in New Zealand.
  • Is the largest provider of Disability Information Services in New Zealand.
  • Is home to Enable New Zealand Needs Assessment & Service Coordination - one of the best Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Services in New Zealand.
  • Manages approximately 100,000 service requests per year for a range of programmes including the spectacle subsidy for children, equipment and housing modification provision for the Ministry of Health and housing modifications for ACC.
  • Managed the return, refurbishment and reissue of 26,565 pieces of Ministry of Health owned equipment last year at a net saving of around $14 million.
  • Purchased 24,545 items of Ministry of Health List Equipment at a value of $4.8 million last year.
  • Manages 9000 requests for disability information each year.
  • Receives 186,000 visitors to the Weka Website each year.

Enable New Zealand is an operating division of MidCentral District Health Board.

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