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Supporting disabled people to live everyday lives with choice and independence in their community

Enable New Zealand is an operating division of MidCentral District Health Board, Palmerston North. Established in 1974 we are a long-established and trusted provider of government-funded disability equipment, housing and vehicle modifications and information services for eligible New Zealanders. We are specialists in procuring, restoring and re-issuing basic and complex disability equipment.

Our purpose is to support disabled people and older people to have choice, control, and flexibility over how they wish to live. In providing access to government-funded disability equipment and support services, we help people to remain with their families and stay connected with their communities and the natural supports that those communities offer. 

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Did you know?

Enable New Zealand:
  • is New Zealand’s largest provider of government-funded equipment, housing and vehicle modifications for disabled people
  • manages $115 million of revenue and government funds each year
  • employs 110 staff 
  • reaches more than 50,000 New Zealanders each year
  • works with 5000 health professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Ophthalmologists and Optometrists, Audiologists and Audiometrists and Speech-language Therapists
  • has contracts with 171 building contractors, 25 repairs and maintenance suppliers and 12 building consultants 
  • has 4000m2 of warehouse space and assets of $2.8 million.
Enable New Zealand’s head office is in Palmerston North and we have warehouses in Hamilton, Christchurch and Palmerston North.

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Enable New Zealand Services

Enable New Zealand ACC National Housing Modification Services

Easie Living & Demonstration Centre (

Enable New Zealand: a brief history from 1974 to today

Enable New Zealand started out as New Zealand Aids and Appliances at Palmerston North Hospital. Our technicians designed and made equipment to help patients in the rehabilitation unit gain more independence. 
New Zealand Aids and Appliances became New Zealand Disabilities Resource Centre (NZDRC). This better reflected our nation-wide coverage and acknowledged a growing community need for more than just disability equipment. 
New Zealand Disabilities Resource Centre changed its name to Enable New Zealand.
Enable New Zealand opened its EASIE Living & Demonstration Centre in Palmerston North, a one-stop-shop for disability information and equipment in an accessible show-home setting. 

Easie Living & Demonstration Centre

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