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Christa Roessler

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About Christa Roessler

I have worked as an Occupational Therapist since 1988 and have extensive experience in the prescription and use of equipment (assistive technology) and home modifications. I often reflect on how much I enjoy working as an OT and how rewarding it is to assist and empower people to live everyday life.

Sometimes the simplest solutions can have the biggest impact. But working through highly complex situations and reducing barriers is where I see that my main strengths lie.

My primary experience is working with adults in the health and disability sectors. However, I also have broad overall knowledge of many practice areas having worked as a Clinical Advisor in Australia for the last 12 years. Being a Clinical Advisor at Enable NZ will allow me to continue to share knowledge and network with people.

I trained in Australia and have worked in several countries. Having recently re-located with my family to the Christchurch area, I’m enjoying learning about new places, people, and cultures.

Contact details

Clinical Services Advisor

Clinical Advisory Services

Occupational Therapist

Phone: (03) 740-0925