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ACC grab rail installation requests

Procedure for allied health professionals and ACC case owners

Please use this procedure when requesting grab rail installation services from Enable New Zealand.

1. Complete grab rail request form

Find ACC7404 - Request for a housing modification – grab rail

Use our grab rail toolkit to guide you.

Go to Toolkit and guidelines for ACC staff and housing assessors

2. Get ACC approval, if required

If you are a health professional, please send the form to ACC for approval.

3. Send request to Enable New Zealand: ACC case owner

Email your referral to SMB - ACC Housing

  • We check the referral details.

  • We send the request to a local grab rail installer. These are licensed builders who we contract specifically for grab rail installations.

  • The builder asks the ACC client to confirm the grab rails have been installed (ACC7404 Part D).

  • We advise ACC that the grab rails have been installed (ACC7404 Part E).

4. Complete our survey

We’re keen to know if the grab rail service provided the outcome you expected for your client.

Please complete our survey.

Enable survey for ACC case owners and housing assessors