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Minor ACC housing modification requests

Procedure for housing assessors (OT)

Please use this procedure when requesting minor ACC housing modification services from Enable New Zealand.

This procedure starts when you have completed an onsite assessment and identified a need for minor modifications.

What are minor modifications?

Guides and toolkits

What to do

1. Get sketches and quote from builder

To book a builder for a site meeting, contact Service Resources Limited. This is our design and build service provider.

How to contact Services Resources Limited

You’ll need to provide this information:

  • Date of the appointment. At least 36 hours’ notice is preferred.

  • Client’s name, address and ACC claim number.

  • Any risks or hazards with the site visit.

  • A summary of the injury-related need and the solution(s) proposed.

The builder must provide a sketch and a quote within five working days.

2. Order MRES housing equipment, if required

Use form ACC096. Send the quote to the ACC case owner. Please refer to ACC Housing Modification Services (HMOD) Operational Guidelines

Use form ACC1563. We can get the property owner’s consent, if needed.

Go to ACC housing forms

4. Send us your referral

Email these documents to our ACC Housing team.

  • ACC081 Referral for housing assessment services

  • ACC263 Assessment report - minor modifications

  • ACC1563 Housing modifications consent (property owner)

  • Builder’s sketch and quote.

Email SMB - ACC Housing

5. Approval to proceed to construction

We’ll confirm if the quote(s) are within ACC’s agreed schedule of rates for minor modifications. If not, we’ll need to apply to ACC for approval.

  • We instruct the builder to go ahead with the modifications.

  • We notify you and the ACC client of the build dates and estimated completion date.

6. Inspect completed work

We let you know when the work is completed. You, the ACC client and the builder need to complete form ACC1565 Certificate of Satisfactory Completion. We notify ACC that the modifications have been completed.

Go to ACC housing forms

7. Complete our survey

Please let us know if the modification provided the outcome you expected for your client.

Enable survey for ACC case owners and housing assessors