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Add accreditations to my account

Adding accreditations

How to add an area of accreditation to your account in EMS Assessor Online.

Before you begin

Log in to your account. Make sure your account shows your correct email address.

EMS Assessor Online Link

Get started

  1. Click the "Add an area of accreditation" button.
    Screenshot showing the choose an area section

  2. Choose your area of accreditation from the list.
    Choose an area of accreditation

  3. Answer any questions. The questions will change depending which accreditation you select.
    Screenshot showing exmaples of other questions

  4. Confirm your name and occupation are correct.
    Confirm your details

  5. Choose an employer or supervisor to endorse your application.Screenshot of choosing an employee or supervisor

  6. Click the ‘Create area of accreditation’ button.
    Create Area of Accreditation

The message ‘application successfully created’ will display when your application has been sent.

What's next?

Your employer/supervisor receives an email request to verify your application. They will need to follow the instructions in the email to verify your request.

How does my supervisor endorse my application?

When we have received verification from your supervisor, we email your EMS assessor number to you.

You can then start making service requests.

Find out how to make service requests