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Keep accreditations up to date

Some credentials are only valid for a period of time (usually three years).

To maintain your credential, you’ll need to:

  • complete a minimum number of assessments and professional development activities

  • keep written evidence of these activities to show your supervisor or employer

  • apply to re-credential before the expiry date.

Your supervisor or employer will be asked to verify your application at renewal time.

Renewing your accreditation

Your renewal date will be either 30 June or 31 December of the renewal year. You can apply to re-credential up to 6 months before the renewal date.

To re-credential, use EMS Assessor Online to:

  1. Click the "Add an area of accreditation" button.
    Screenshot showing the choose an area section

  2. Choose your accreditation from the list of re-credentialing categories.
    Screenshot showing selection of a re-credentialing option

  3. Confirm your name and occupation are correct.
    Confirm your details

  4. Choose an employer or supervisor to endorse your application.Choose an employer/supervisor screen

  5. Click the ‘Create area of accreditation’ button.
    Create Area of Accreditation

What if I’m unable to renew my accreditation in time?

You may need to repeat the training to gain the credential (starting at Level 1).

Visit these pages to learn more about the re-credentialing requirements for each accreditation.

Complex housing modifications

Hearing assistive technology

Communication assistive technology

Wheeled mobility and postural management

Vehicle purchase and modifications