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Making EMS equipment requests

How to request Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People funded equipment including: Band 1,2 and 3, complex, accessories, non-list, trial, replacement 'like for like' and assessor re-issue equipment.

To request our EMS equipment services you must be registered with us as an EMS assessor and hold the appropriate approval or credential.

Get your EMS assessor accreditation

Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People guidelines

Before you start a service request, please ensure you are familiar with Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People Equipment and Modification Services (EMS) guidelines, including the 'Consultation with an EMS Advisor' document.

View EMS guidelines on the Whaikaha website


You can find the forms you need in our Document library.

Download equipment forms

Consulting an EMS advisor

If you do not need to consult with an EMS Advisor, please select your equipment then make a service request.

Find out how to consult an Enable EMS advisor

Find out about our EMS equipment outreach services

Selecting equipment

Our Whaikaha list equipment catalogue shows current price estimates, eg, for replacement equipment.

View our Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People list equipment

Band 1 equipment requests

Use our Equipment App to make your requests.

Getting started with service requests

Band 2 and 3 service requests

Unless you need to consult with an EMS advisor, start in the EMS Portal and complete the EMS Assessor Section. This will allow you to access our Equipment App to submit your request.

Access the EMS Portal and guides on the Whaikaha website

When making a request:

  • please ensure you add the correct delivery address – client, hospital, or equipment technician

  • if you would like to trial the equipment, ensure you indicate this in the service request

  • attach your outcome summary if required

  • include your quote if your equipment is non-list.

The following requests go to Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People EMS review panel for a recommendation:

  • EMS proposals costing over $35,000 excluding GST

  • Clarification of Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People policy is required

  • Requests for EMS funding under genuine and exceptional circumstances

  • Requests for reimbursement for equipment and modifications already purchased.

We will notify you of the outcome of your request. If the service request is approved, we send a purchase order to the supplier with a copy to the EMS assessor.

Accessories /modified accessory requests

  • If price less than $1000: Make an 'accessories request' in the Equipment App.

  • If price $1000 or more: Complete the EMS Portal, then make a Band 2/3 ‘accessory over $1000’ service request.

Replacement equipment requests

Where equipment appears to be damaged or worn, please contact us to discuss if equipment can be repaired or is beyond economic repair. We may ask you to get an equipment technician to confirm the status of the item.

If we decide the equipment is beyond economic repair, we will ask you to work with the person to determine if Like for Like equipment (also known as replacement equipment) is appropriate.

Like for Like equipment means that the same fit, form and function of the equipment item needs to be sought. It does not indicate that the exact make and model needs to be supplied.

If Like for Like equipment is not appropriate or available, you will need to:

  • work with the person to identify a suitable solution

  • make a new service request.

You don’t need to complete the EMS Portal when requesting Like for Like equipment.

If cost is less than $5,000

Submit a Replacement Like for Like request via the Equipment App and ensure you attach the Replacement L4L form and quote (if required).

If cost is $5,000 or more

  • You must consult with an EMS advisor

  • Complete a replacement equipment request form

  • Submit a Like for Like (L4L) Band 1 service request; attach the request form, EMS advice outcome summary and quote, if obtained.

Assessor reissue equipment requests

If re-assigning Band 1 equipment to another customer, you’ll need the asset number of the item to be reassigned.

Create a ‘reissue equipment’ request in the Equipment App (not a Band 1 request).

Interim issue equipment

Interim issue equipment refers to requests for loan equipment while a customer’s equipment is being repaired or replaced.

Whether equipment can be loaned depends on suitable refurbished items being available from our stores.

Equipment delivery and setup

What happens when your request has been approved.

What we do

  • Check available stock and arrange for our freight company to deliver the equipment to the address(es) provided in your service request.

  • If equipment needs to be purchased, we send a purchase order to our supplier to provide and deliver the equipment.

  • Provide equipment care and use or operating instructions with the equipment, including a list of our equipment service agents.

What you do

  • If trial equipment is approved, you organise the equipment delivery and set up with the supplier.

  • Arrange for the customer to sign our Equipment Information Form ENAE213.

  • Ensure the equipment is set up correctly and safely for the person to use.

  • Request a technician if accessories need fitting, or if you need help setting up heavy or complex equipment.

How to request an equipment technician