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Technician requests

Our subcontracted EMS equipment technicians cover all New Zealand from Bombay Hills south. Their services are available Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays) during normal business hours, 52 weeks a year.

EMS assessors can request a technician to help set up or adjust equipment, carry out repairs, service equipment, fit accessories or carry out modifications where approved. Read our guidelines and find out when and how you can request a technician.

Find an equipment technician

View our list of equipment subcontractors (service agents)

Use our technician request form

Complete our technician request form ENAS007 and send to an equipment technician subcontractor in our contact list.

ENAS007 Subcontractors Technician Request Form

The equipment technician will liaise with you about:

  • any specifications required

  • any appointments the client needs to attend with you present

  • returning the equipment to the person.

Requesting repairs

You can request a technician to repair equipment that is not functioning correctly to a good, safe working order.

Please note that we do not repair Band 1 equipment. Make a Band 1 equipment service request to replace the equipment. Or consider like for like replacement.

Loan equipment

EMS assessors are responsible for ensuring clients have a plan for when their equipment is temporarily unavailable.

However, if the person does need loan equipment, this may be supplied from:

  • the equipment technician

  • your DHB short term loan (STL) equipment store.

Please contact us for more information if needed.

Equipment beyond economic repair (BER)

If the technician decides it is not cost-effective to repair the equipment (BER), they will advise you.

You may need to work with the person to review their equipment needs for new equipment or replacement equipment using the 'like for like' process.

Requesting equipment set-up/adjustments

EMS assessors are responsible for making sure the equipment they request is set up or adjusted correctly and safely for the person to use.

  • Set-up and adjustments include only the parts and accessories approved in the service request.

  • If additional parts or accessories need to be obtained then the technican request is not a set-up but a modification.

You can request a technician to help you set up or adjust complex or heavy equipment to meet the person’s needs. For example:

  • hoists

  • profiling beds

  • wheelchairs

  • customised standing frames

  • specialised pressure care equipment

  • specialised communication devices

  • customised seating systems.

Please note:

  • You must be present when the technician is setting up equipment.

  • A technician request form or wheelchair script is required.

  • Set-up includes only the parts and accessories approved in the service request.

Did you know?

Enable New Zealand subcontracts equipment technicians and they represent us in the community. We expect them observe our subcontractor policies and procedures. If you have any questions or concerns about a technician, please contact us.