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Update your contact details

You must keep your registration details current in Assessor Online.

Make sure you update your account if any of these details change:

  • contact details

  • postal address

  • delivery address (for equipment)

  • qualifications

  • professional registration

  • practicing status

  • employer or supervisor.

Get started

  • log in to Assessor Online.

  • click ‘Change my details'.

My account

  • edit your details.

  • save changes (scroll to the end of ‘Edit my account’ screen).


Add or remove an employer/supervisor

  • log in to Assessor Online.

  • click ‘Add an additional employer/supervisor’.Add an additional employer

  • search for the person if their details don’t display (or invite them to register using the invitation form).

Search for an employer

  • remove or add the person using the red or green buttons.Remove an employer

Update your details now

Log in and update details

What happens next

Some changes may take 2 to 4 working days to activate.

Help! I've forgotten my password

Find out how to reset your password