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What is an EMS assessor?

What is an assessor?

An assessor is a health professional registered with Enable New Zealand as an assessor for Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People funded services for people with disabilities. These services include:

  • Equipment and modification services (EMS)

  • Hearing aid funding and subsidy schemes

  • Children’s spectacle subsidy.

Assessors can be occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech-language therapists, hearing and vision professionals, DHB community health workers, or specialist service coordinators.

Why we need assessors

Assessors play an important role in helping disabled people access funding services by:

  • assessing the person’s needs

  • checking the person is eligible for Ministry funding

  • working out the best solution to meet the person’s needs

  • applying to the Ministry’s service provider to fund or arrange the service for the person.

Where assessors work

Assessors work with people with physical, intellectual, sensory or age-related disabilities through these types of services:

  • Child development services

  • Older people’s services

  • Heatlh New Zealand community health services

  • Ministry of Education assessment services

  • Assistive technology assessment services (communication, hearing, vision)

  • Wheeled mobility & postural management assessment services

  • Vehicle modification assessment services.

Who can apply to be an assessor

The EMS Assessor Accreditation Framework defines who can be an assessor, the type of assessor they can be, and the qualifications and experience needed to carry out the role. The framework

How to become an assessor

First, you need to create an account with us. This will register you in the system, but won't allow you to access funding services yet.

Next, you need to choose the accreditations you would like to gain and complete all the requirements. The requirements are different for each accreditation. As you complete each one, you will gain access to different funding services.

Your employer or supervisor will need to endorse each application by completing an online form before it can be approved.

Are you keen to become an assessor?

Start by creating an account.

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