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What our outreach clinic offers

Mobile face-to-face or telehealth consultations to support credentialed EMS Assessors with complex wheelchairs / seating or postural management solutions.

What this service offers

  • A mobile service in various locations or telehealth consultations if appropriate

  • The ability to access timely, cost effective and appropriate solutions for the person to meet long term wheelchair, seating and postural management needs

  • Clinical advice and support from an a Clinical Service Advisor who is highly skilled and knowledgeable in wheelchair, seating and postural management, or lying supports

  • Assistance in identifying product parameters and consideration or selection of appropriate equipment. (Within Whaikaha | Ministry of Disabled People access criteria)

  • Access to  refurbished equipment and components for trial

  • Technician support both at the clinic and during the trial process

  • Pressure mapping assessment tools to assist in choosing cushions and/or back supports may be available

  • Mentorship - Opportunity for learning: new colleagues can come to acquire technical skills and knowledge

  • A review service in response to the persons change in disability need.

Clinical reasonings for your person to attend this specialist clinic

  • Assistance with assessing and scripting custom complex seating

  • Support with new technology

  • Scripting manual (MWH) or power wheelchairs(PWC), where the EMS Assessor may need assistance problem solving the essential features required

  • People with low sitting tolerance or pressure areas where the EMS Assessor needs assistance problem solving solutions (often numerous options may have already been  explored)

  • Power add-on units where work or study Whaikaha| Ministry of Disabled People access criteria is not met

  • Non-panel PWC’s

  • A second configurable MWC, where the EMS Assessor is unsure if essential criteria is met

  • Lying supports to discuss the range of products available and what will best meet the person's needs

  • Fine tuning alternative controls, alongside an equipment supplier/company representative and/or technicians

  • A face-to-face review is required due to the complexity of the situation and the client’s disability-related needs.


We do not accept referrals in these situations:

  • Where the Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People access criteria is clearly not met

  • Assessment of the person's mobility, seating, lying and postural needs on behalf of an EMS Assessor

  • Assessment of the person's safety operating a PWC

  • Assessment for short term loan equipment

  • Assessment of equipment to facilitate discharge from a Health New Zealand hospital

  • To facilitate repairs or maintenance of the wheelchair or seating components

  • The fabrication or supply of specialised seating for a vehicle

  • Where an outcome summary has already been provided via Mandatory Request for EMS Advice.

  • Where a Person can have their proposed solution reviewed through our standard Advisory Service (Request for EMS Advice).

Who can refer a Person

We accept referrals from EMS Assessors accreditedin Wheeled Mobility and Postural Management Level 1 or Level 2 (WMPM L1 or WMPM L2).

If you are not accredited in WMPM L1 you can refer a person with a colleague who has WMPM L1 or WMPM L2 accreditation. You will both need to attend the clinic appointment if possible

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More information

See our guide to telehealth consultations for EMS outreach services

For further information, please contact:

The Advisory and Outreach Teams Coordinator at