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Take a look inside our hiring process

When you apply for a role with Enable New Zealand this is the process your application will go through.

A role becomes available

After a role opens up at Enable New Zealand and we have completed our internal recruitment processes, the advertised role is posted online.

We may also post our roles to job sites such as Seek, LinkedIn and TradeMe Jobs.

Most roles are open for applications for two weeks.


After an advertised role closes, the recruiting manager at Enable New Zealand reviews the applications and selects ones to be shortlisted.

If your application is shortlisted, someone from Enable New Zealand will be in touch to arrange a time for an interview.

If your application is not shortlisted, you will receive an email letting you know.


After the shortlisted candidates have been interviewed, someone from Enable New Zealand will contact the preferred applicant to let them know.

Before the role is formally offered to them, reference checks are done and the appointment needs to be signed off by the HR team.

Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by phone.


If the outcome of the reference checks is positive, a letter of offer will be presented to the preferred applicant.

If accepted, that person would become part of the Enable New Zealand team.