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Telling it like it is - In My Own Words series proves a hit

Sharing people's stories is a big part of our Firstport website's 'reason for being'. Primarily a portal for disability information, Firstport is also a space where disabled people and their whānau can share their experiences and connect with people in similar circumstances.

One way in which the website is enabling people to share their stories is through the In My Own Words series: it's been a hit with the site's audience, moving people with inspiring stories.

The series, which features people sharing their experiences with disability was launched in late 2018 and so far 11 amazing people have talked to Firstport for the series, eight of which were filmed.

The videos have received a huge response on Facebook - over the past year they've collectively received more than 100,000 views.

The first video featured young Palmerston North woman Chelsea, who woke up one night to find her legs simply not working. Instead of deciding her life was over, Chelsea came to embrace her paraplegia and live a full, active life.

Chelsea's story of resilience resonated with Firstport's audience and prompted the Firstport team to find more stories to tell.

Check out the whole In My Own Words series at

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