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Hearing Assistive Technology

The Hearing Assistive Technology credential allows you to provide advice and recommendations related to:

  • the hearing assistive technology process

  • equipment to support the needs of people who have hearing loss.

Please note, this credential excludes the provision of hearing aids.

Who is eligible?

The following health professionals can apply for this credential:

  • hearing therapist

  • service coordinator with Deaf Aotearoa or Blind Low Vision NZ

  • audiologist.

What are the accreditation requirements?

You will need to:

You must complete all these requirements within two years from the date you apply for your provisional accreditation.

Clinical supervision

You must participate in clinical supervision related to Hearing Assistive Technology assessment. Supervision should be undertaken with another person who is already approved as a Hearing Assistive Technology assessor.

Your employer may already have a supervision system in place. If not, this person can be a work colleague or peer. It is not necessary for your supervisor to be in a more senior position. For example, two work colleagues who are currently credentialed assessors may provide supervision for each other.

If your employer cannot provide a suitable supervisor or you are self-employed, your professional association may be able to make a recommendation. An external supervisor may require payment of a supervision fee (to be met by the assessor or their employer).

It is a requirement of the EMS Hearing Assistive Technology Online Learning Module that you submit two completed practice applications based on supplied case studies to your supervisor to verify that they are of a quality acceptable for submission of funding applications. When your supervisor has submitted an employer declaration form you will be granted the accreditation.

How does my supervisor complete the employer declaration form?

Your employer/supervisor will be emailed instructions on how to complete the online employer declaration form. They will need to be registered with Assessor Online to complete this step.

You will be granted the accreditation when we have received their online form. We will email you to let you know your accreditation has been granted.

When does this accreditation expire?

The credential is valid for three years.

To re-credential for Hearing Assistive Technology you will need to:

  • continue professional development activities

  • complete a minimum of three assessments per year as verified by your employer

  • apply to be re-credentialed every three years using Assessor Online

  • take part in on-going clinical supervision.

Reference material

There is no other reference material.