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Housing Modifications (Complex)

The Housing Modifications (Complex) credential allows you to assess people who need assistance to:

  • access their home

  • move independently or transfer within their home

  • carry out essential daily activities at home

  • care for a dependent person.

Complex modifications include level access showers, platform lifts, external door widening and fencing.

Indicators for housing modification complex - credential

Who is eligible?

The following health professionals can apply for this credential:

  • occupational therapists (OT)

  • visiting neuro-developmental therapist OTs.

What are the accreditation requirements?

The competency framework sets out the pathway to gaining this credential.

Competency Framework Complex housing

You complete the online training course and competency tasks.

Under supervision, you submit 3 practice service requests. Your supervisor or employer must complete a declaration.

Employer declaration- sample - Housing modification complex

Where to start?

You will need to:

  • register in EMS Assessor Online (if not already)

  • complete the online learning and development programme in EMS Assessor Online

  • apply for provisional accreditation – housing modifications complex.

When you have met all the requirements, you can apply for the credential in EMS Assessor Online.

When does this accreditation expire?

This accreditation is valid for three years. Learn more about the re-credentialing requirements.

Recredentialing requirements for complex housing modifications

Reference material

Click on the link below to access the various documents and reference material available:

Housing Modifications Complex Reference Material