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Personal Care & Household Management

The Personal Care and Household Management category covers:

  • Equipment to enable a person to carry out personal care activities or essential household tasks.

For example:

  • shower stools

  • toilet surrounds

  • hoists

  • beds

  • transfer boards

  • adaptive eating/drinking equipment

  • kitchen trolleys.

Who is eligible?

The following health professionals can apply for this category:

  • occupational therapists

  • visiting neuro-developmental therapists (PTs and OTs)

  • speech language therapists (feeding equipment only).

What are the accreditation requirements?

You will need to:

Screenshot showing personal care and household management selected in a radio bu

When does this accreditation expire?

This accreditation does not expire, but you must keep up to date with all Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People accreditation changes.