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Implement service accreditation in your Hospital

Please note: these resources and this information has not been updated since the Health New Zealand change. You may note contacts and processes have changed. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Whaikaha Clinical Advisory team.

How to implement EMS Service Accreditation and register with Enable New Zealand.

Enable New Zealand manages Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled people register of Health New Zealand services with service accreditation.

Service accreditation is part of the Whaikaha Equipment and Modification Services (EMS) Accreditation Framework. It allows District Health Boards to train staff to assess patients for Whaikaha funded equipment on the DHB Service Accreditation List.

  • Most DHBs across New Zealand hold service accreditation.

  • Each DHB is responsible for the competence of staff carrying out assessments.

  • Service accreditation is valid for 3 years and the DHB must apply for re-accreditation.

Which service areas are eligible?

Specific service areas, primarily community health services, can be accredited.

DHBs, or services contracted to DHBs, can apply for service accreditation for:

  • community or home health care services

  • assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services

  • needs assessment and service coordination services (NASCs).

What equipment can be requested?

Items available under service accreditation include:

  • personal care equipment (bath boards, toilet frames, shower stools)

  • household management equipment (furniture raisers, kitchen trolleys)

  • mobility equipment (walking frames, rollators).

Enable New Zealand provides DHB service list equipment for all New Zealand south of the Bombay Hills. Accessable is the provider for the Auckland and Northland regions.

What are the accreditation requirements?

After registering your service, you will be responsible for making sure your team meets the requirements to carry out assessments by providing in-house training and supervision.

These resources set out how to implement service accreditation in your DHB service area.

Toolkit for Service Accreditation

DHB Guide to Clinical Reasoning and recommending MOH funded equipment

Guide to service accreditation training for assessors

How do we register for DHB service accreditation?

Please complete our application form.

ENAA502 Application for Service Accreditation


Every 3 years, the DHB must have a peer review by another DHB that holds service accreditation. Use our peer review checklist and send it to

Peer review checklist for Re-accreditation

What are our staff required to do?

Once you are registered as a service, each staff member needs to:

Register for DHB service accreditation in EMS Assessor Online

Your service's accreditation manager will receive a notification from EMS Assessor Online to approve their application for service accreditation. Once you have approved their application they are able to access the service.

What if a staff member already has accreditation from a previous role?

If any of your staff already have up-to-date accreditations with us, then they are able to continue to use their own EMS Assessor codes when making service requests. This may affect any service request reporting you do because their requests will not be recorded under your service. This is a decision for you and your team.