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Wheeled Mobility & Postural Management Level 2

Accreditation in Wheeled Mobility & Postural Management Level 2 (WMPM L2) allows you to provide advice and recommendations for ‘complex’ equipment to meet people’s essential mobility and postural needs.

The credential covers these types of equipment:

  • Ultra-lightweight manual wheelchairs

  • All-day manual wheelchairs for active children

  • Seating functions such as power seat elevation, tilt, recline, stand and/or leg elevate

  • Non-standard joysticks for power wheelchairs

  • Customised cushions and back supports

  • Specialised trunk and/or head supports

  • Specialised pressure care solutions.

There is an optional module for endorsement in complex custom fabrication – customised backrests and cushions for people with significant postural issues.

Wheeled Mobility and Postural Management

Who is eligible?

Occupational therapists (OT) and physiotherapists (PT) who are already credentialed in level 1 can apply for this credential.

What are the accreditation requirements?

The competency framework sets out the pathway to gaining the credential.

Competency Framework Wheeled mobility postural management

Learning and development programme

You must complete a learning and development programme through Seating to Go, the approved provider. Under supervision you complete a case study, which is reviewed by a credentialing panel.

Level 2 Learning and Development Program

Learn more about the Seating to Go national training service on the Geneva Health website

Your supervisor or employer must complete a declaration.

Employer Declaration - Sample- Wheeled Mobility and postural management L2

When you have completed all the requirements you can apply for the credential in EMS Assessor Online.

EMS advisor task signoff

During wheeled mobility and postural management outreach clinics, EMS advisors can sign off WMPM level 2 tasks that meet the following conditions:

  • The tasks would need to relate specifically to the client that is in the clinic that day

  • The outreach coordinator would need to be advised of this prior to clinic and it would need to be completed within the allocated time slot of the clinic.

  • Tasks that don’t need to be signed off by the supervising/mentoring therapist. These are tasks 6,7,8,11,and 12.

Please note: The outreach coordinator cannot act as the supervisor or be responsible for the final sign off.

Apply for provisional accreditation in WMPM level 2 in EMS Assessor Online.

When does this accreditation expire?

This accreditation is valid for three years. View the recredentialing requirements for details.

Recredentialing Requirements Wheeled Mobility Postural Management Level 2

Reference material

Case study for WMPM credentialed assessors working with school aged children