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How can my supervisor endorse my application?

When you register in EMS Assessor Online you must provide the name of an employer or supervisor, who will be emailed a declaration form to complete.

The online form asks your employer or supervisor to:

  • confirm your area of accreditation (tick Yes/No buttons)

  • review their contact details (and edit, if needed)

  • select a declaration option (‘I verify this information is correct’ or 'I cannot verify this application’).

Once we get the declaration we process your application and email you the outcome (approved or declined).

Tip: Always let your employer or supervisor know if you are waiting for them to action something in EMS Assessor Online.

Selecting an employer or supervisor to endorse your application

Your employer or supervisor is a person (not an organisation) who is:

  • responsible for supervising or managing you, or

  • has accountability for professional standards.

If you are self-employed, you must nominate someone as your supervisor.

Does my employer or supervisor need to be an EMS assessor?

No, the person does not have to be an EMS assessor to make the declaration – unless you are applying for a credential. Please scroll down for more information.

However, the person needs to register their details in EMS Assessor Online for our records. You can invite the person to register from EMS Assessor Online.

Tip: The person receives the employer declaration email after you have added your area of accreditation. (Not when you add their details in EMS Assessor Online.)

Endorsing credential applications

When you apply to add a credential, EMS Assessor Online will send an email alert to your employer or supervisor.

Your employer or supervisor must:

  • be registered as an EMS Assessor in EMS Assessor Online

  • hold the appropriate credentials

  • log in to EMS Assessor Online to complete the employer declaration.

Look for employer or supervisor requirements, and sample employer declaration forms, in the accreditation requirements.

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