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Making housing service requests

A guide for EMS assessors requesting our Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People funded housing modifications.

Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People guidelines

Your request is reviewed against the Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People equipment and modification services (EMS) guidelines.

You can also view EMS and NASC guidelines, and download the Joint Report form, from the Whaikaha website.

Access the EMS housing manual and guidelines on the Whaikaha website

Housing contractor list

If you need to get a quote for a basic modification or like for like access replacement, please contact an Enable New Zealand housing contractor.

Find a professional contact


You will need to attach several forms and documents to your request. For example:

  • concept sketches (existing and proposed)

  • schedule summary

  • property owner approval

  • quotes for minor modifications

  • EMS Portal document

  • EMS advice outcome summary

  • photos

  • supporting information, e.g. NASC, LTS-CHC, behavioural management

  • HNZ (Kaianga Ora) forms.

Use our housing checklist (form) ENAH114 to guide you.

Housing Modification Process Checklist for Whaikaha Assessors

Making 'like for like' access requests

Use our ProWorkflow system to make your housing modification request.

View our video tutorials for ProWorkflow housing requests

Making housing modification requests

Step 1. Create an EMS advice request in ProWorkflow and attach supporting documents.

See our tutorial for creating an EMS advice request

Step 2. When you receive the EMS advice outcome summary: Complete the EMS Portal then click on the 'Enable NZ' link to access ProWorkflow.

Using the EMS Portal (Whaikaha website)

View our video tutorials for ProWorkflow housing requests

Step 3. When you receive the EMS Assessor Section Summary PDF, save the summary to your project in ProWorkflow.

What happens next

We email you to advise you of the next steps.

The project remains open in ProWorkflow for you to view the status of the project and communicate with us.