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Making hearing requests

Our processes for audiometrists, audiologists and on behalf users claiming Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People hearing aid services.

Our Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People hearing services cover:

  • Hearing aid subsidy scheme claims including genuine and exceptional circumstances claims.

  • Hearing aid funding scheme applications including:

    • Repairs and parts

    • Purchase of hearing aids

    • Purchase of hearing aid accessories

    • Purchase of remote microphone systems

    • Insurance excess reimbursement

    • Replacement hearing aids

    • Genuine and exceptional claims.

Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People funding guidelines

Your request is reviewed against the Ministry’s funding guidelines.

Hearing aid service manual

Average price targets for funded hearing aids

The Ministry has set an average price target for each hearing aid funded through the hearing aid funding scheme:

  • Adults: $1,300 excl. GST

  • Children: $1,300 excl. GST

The average price target includes the value of the hearing aid, any operational parts (including earmoulds) and essential accessories.

The average price target does not include applications for remote microphone systems or bone anchored hearing aids.

Our hearing aid products and prices

View our hearing aid list with pricing


You can find the forms you need in our 'tools and resources' section.

Hearing services forms

Making service requests

Use the Enable Hearing App to make subsidy claims and funding applications.

See our guide to making hearing service requests

Adult funding requests

You must attach a completed MOH Priority for Access to Funding Form to your request.

Child funding and subsidy requests

It is optional to complete the Priority for Access to Funding Form form for child funding and subsidy requests.

Hearing aid repair requests

Apply for funding for ongoing repairs of hearing aids purchased under the funding scheme:

Create a ‘hearing aid repairs including parts’ service request.

  • If repair under $235 (excl GST), please attach a clinic invoice (excludes administration/courier charges).

  • If repair over $235 (excl GST), please attach a manufacturer's quote.

Hearing aid insurance reimbursement requests

To request payment of insurance excess where hearing aids have been replaced under insurance:

Create a ‘hearing aid insurance replacement’ service request and attach:

  • your written statement

  • a letter of acceptance of claim from the insurer.

Replacement hearing aid requests

To request replacement of hearing aids (standard or early access):

  • Option 1: Re-apply for hearing aid funding once every 6 years: Create a 'purchase of hearing aids' application.

  • Option 2: Apply for early access to funding: Create a ‘genuine and exceptional circumstances’ request.