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Using our Specs App

Answers to common questions about using the Enable Specs App.

User accounts

How do I access the Specs App?

Once registered with us an assessor for the Children's Spectacle Subsidy, you should receive access details for the Enable Specs App within 2 working days.

Log in to the Enable Specs App 

Watch tutorials and access training resources

Making applications on behalf of an optometrist or ophthalmologist

Find out about 'On Behalf' user accounts

I have more than one employer - do I need separate logins?

Your login will allow you to select which branch you are completing an application for.

Optometrist no longer works here, what do I need to do?

On-Behalf users accounts will need to notify Enable New Zealand by emailing to have them removed from the account.

Optometrists must update their EMS Assessor Online account when moving to a new employer.

Can dispensing opticians register with Enable New Zealand?

The ability to create an On-Behalf User account is currently available.

How often do I need to change my password?

After you reset your initial login password, you will not be required to change your password.

What is my username?

Usernames are formatted firstname.lastname in most cases.

Using the Specs App

How do I search for a client?

We recommend you search by NHI number, as it’s unique to the person.  However, the more details you enter, the more useful the search results.

If the client has not had a claim with us before you will need to create a new client.

Why can’t I find my new client’s details after I’ve submitted the application?

We review all new client applications before they are released for payment. Currently there is a 2 working day turnaround time for reviewing applications. Please try searching again after this time.

Please note:

  • The application confirmation PDF is proof that the application has been submitted. Make sure you download and save the PDF for reference.

  • Do not create the application again.

How do I find the client’s subsidy balance and anniversary date?

Search for the customer in the Search field. Select anywhere on the client line to expand the field to display subsidy balance and anniversary details. If you wish to continue with the application you can select Request Subsidy from this screen.

Can I request the subsidy earlier than the anniversary date?

If the child now qualifies for higher-level subsidy then additional funding may be available to them.

Please note:

  • A child’s subsidy anniversary starts from the initial assessment date entered on the first subsidy request by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.

  • This date becomes the child’s anniversary date and cannot be claimed for in advance.

The client has full subsidy available in the search result. But when I complete the application the subsidy amount is less?

This can happen when the assessment date entered is before the subsidy anniversary has renewed. Subsidy allowance is based on what is available at the time of the assessment date entered.

Can I use the subsidy for repairs?

The standard subsidy can be used to cover cost of repairs to the full subsidy value of $287.50.

What is the reference number for?

The reference number is a unique code to identify a specific application for enquiries. This number can be found in the Application Submitted text box, PDF application confirmation form (subsidy claim form) and remittance advice.

I disagree with a decision outcome: can this be reviewed?

Please email with supporting information so we can consider your request. Please write ‘Specs App review’ in the subject line.

Where can I find the application confirmation PDF?

When you complete an application in the Specs App you will be prompted to save the PDF generated.

Important tip! Please remember to download and save the PDF in your computer or other filing system. This is your record that the application has been submitted.

Please note:

  • The Specs App does not let you go back to view the PDF.

  • Print the PDF for the parent/guardian to sign