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Customer Service Facilitators

Our Customer Service Facilitators (CSFs) make sure our processes keep running smoothly so our clients get what they need to live a good life. They work with assessors, contractors and other Enable New Zealand Limited teams to ensure applications for funding progress as quickly as possible. CSFs work across five of our teams – Housing, Equipment, Finance, Professional Services, and Contact Centre. This is what the job is like, in the words of four of our CSFs.

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Monica Williams – Equipment

I help provide equipment for people with disabilities so they can live an everyday life in their community.

The funding for disability equipment comes from the Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People, so when an assessor applies for funding on behalf their client, it’s my job to make sure that application gets processed smoothly.

My job is a mix of facilitation, project coordination and reviewing applications. We need to make sure the equipment we’re supplying is right for the client, but also that it meets Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People funding guidelines.

What I enjoy about my job is that our clients get the equipment they need to live their everyday life. It feels rewarding knowing our work helps them.

I also love the team environment at Enable New Zealand. Everyone’s friendly and welcoming. It’s a very warm place to work.

Esther Richardson – Housing

I help coordinate the housing modification projects Enable New Zealand completes on behalf of Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People.

When requests for modifications come in, I help manage the process from start to finish.

I do all sorts of things, from finding building contractors or consultants, to fixing problems that might crop up throughout the build.

I have my own projects that I take care of. Some of them are straightforward – like installing a handrail – and they can be completed in a few days. Other projects are really complex and can take 18 months or more.

I enjoy helping people and seeing how modifications can change their lives. Like, putting in a ramp at the front door must be really amazing for a person who wasn't able to leave the house by themselves before.

Seeing how people’s daily lives are improved gives me a personal sense of satisfaction.

Melinda Wilson – ACC MRES Service

I work with the ACC MRES team, which facilitates equipment for ACC clients.

I deal with queries that come in from assessors and clients, wanting to know things like meeting criteria for funding. I help them by providing that information, and ensuring the applications have all the right information on them.

My job is very process oriented, and I love that. I’m a person who really likes order and being organised, so this role suits me perfectly. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of a busy day working through lots of applications and seeing them completed.

I love working with my team – they're an awesome bunch. We support each other a lot, and we do training in other roles so we can jump in and cover for our team members if they’re sick or away.

I also really enjoy working at Enable New Zealand as a whole. The people here have really good attitudes towards each other and the work they do. They’re here to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Everything you do affects someone else, and we really want that to be positive.

The other thing I like about Enable New Zealand is that you can always move forward into other roles. The company encourages people to express their interest in other areas of the business, and a lot of people here are doing different jobs from when they arrived.

Shivani Maharaj – Whaikaha Subcontractor Liaison

I work in Enable New Zealand’s operations team, working with our subcontractor and providing as much support to people as I can.

I love my team – we're all bubbly and love helping people. All the staff at Enable New Zealand are really nice and won’t hesitate to give help to other team members when they need it. It’s nice to feel supported by our staff.

My job makes me feel really good because I know I’m helping people by letting them know what we can do that can improve their lives.