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Clinical Services Advisors

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Our Clinical Service Advisors (previously known as Professional Advisors) help assessors find the best equipment and modification solutions for their clients.

The Equipment and Modification Services (EMS) advisory team is made up of occupational therapists and physiotherapists who are experts in disability equipment and modification practices.

When an assessor applies for a solution for a client, they can request advice from our Professional Advisors to find the best outcome that will benefit the client but also meet Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People (formerly Ministry of Health) funding criteria.

Elise McGillivray – EMS Advisor

Elise joined the advisory team at Enable New Zealand after working as an occupational therapist in rehabilitation, and also doing some community ACC work.

This is what her role is like, in her own words.

My job as a Professional Advisor is to work with assessors and assist them with the most appropriate advice around equipment and housing modifications for people that have disabilities.

I’ve really enjoyed the shift into this role because while I don’t work directly with clients anymore, I get to help assessors do their best work instead.

Often as an assessor you’re working by yourself in a community and you've got your own cases, and you can be isolated from other professionals.

I know when I was an occupational therapist in the community, I sometimes just really needed someone I could call for advice, and so I’m really glad now to be able to do that for others.

I’m based in an office and a lot of my work is done over the phone, or via video call platforms like Zoom.

I respond to requests that come in from assessors. Sometimes they’ll want to know things about finding, like if a piece of equipment is funded by the Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People or not.

I really enjoy the requests from assessors when they don’t know what the best solution for their client is. That’s where I get to combine my experience as an OT with my knowledge of equipment and modification practices to help them find the best outcome.

It’s a huge challenge because a lot of the requests we deal with are for complicated solutions. I learn something new everyday.

I often work with my colleagues from other teams at Enable New Zealand, like our Housing Advisors, to get their expert opinion so I can advise the assessor better.

I really like Enable New Zealand as a place to work. Everyone’s really approachable and friendly and people are keen to help.

I also like that as an organisation, we don’t just do things they way we’ve always done them. It’s a very professional organisation that wants to keep improving its services.

Health is a constantly evolving field, so we have to adapt our practices and knowledge to keep up with the times, and I think Enable New Zealand does that well.