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Hire equipment orders

Sometimes it may seem easier to hire equipment for a short period. But it's important to consider purchasing equipment rather than hiring as a cost-effective solution.

Short-term equipment checklist

If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions below it is appropriate to proceed with purchase or to re-issue equipment with a recall date.

  • Is the equipment on the ACC list?

  • Is there a re-issue item available? (check equipment inventory in the MRES app)

  • Is the proposed equipment for hire likely to be re-issued to another client?

  • Is the hire needed longer than 2 months?

  • Is the anticipated total cost of hiring more than the purchase?

If none of these applies, then it is appropriate to proceed with the hire.

Note: Hire equipment can also be considered if urgent and available faster than purchase.

ACC Assessor guide to hire equipment

Ordering hire equipment in the MRES App

When creating an order scroll down to the 'Hire products' section and complete the fields:

  • Product field - no input required, automatically defaults to ‘ENZA276 – Hire – As Quote'

  • Description

  • Quote Number

  • Supplier, if it is included in the Supplier list. If not, please leave as “No Supplier”

  • Hire Cost Per Day

  • Expected Start Date

  • Expected Collection Date

  • Rationale (use the scroll bar to access the field shown in screenshot 2).

Screenshot 1: Hire product fields and scroll barHiring Equipment

Screenshot 2: Rationale field


When submitting hire orders there must be an assessment report uploaded.

View your hire equipment orders

You can view all your equipment hire orders by selecting the ‘Hire Order Report Assessors’ option from your dashboard. The report displays the following information:

  • Email Sent = Email has been sent to the supplier

  • Status = ‘Waiting Invoice’ (until the hire order is complete)

  • Hire Billing = Dates of hire period (months)

  • Hire Billing ‘True’ = Supplier invoice paid

  • Hire Billing ‘False’ = Supplier invoice not received.

Screenshot 3: Hire Order Report Assessors

Screenshot View Hire Order Assessors Report