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Editing submitted orders

How to make changes to submitted orders (for non-list and complex list) and when you need to notify us.

After you have submitted a complex, trial or non-list order in the MRES App you may need to add request notes or documents.

For any updates to trial equipment orders, please see our separate guidelines.

Managing equipment trials in MRES App

Points to note

The MRIES system does not send a notification to ENZ. Please email us directly if you require action/input with your active order. Email enable@ enable for general queries or  emall 3 for clinical input. 

How to edit a submitted order

Open your order in 'Edit' mode

1.In the View Orders Assessors screen, search for your order.

Screenshot of search icon in red circle

2. Hover to the left of the your order to display 3 dots '...', then select 'Edit'.

Screenshot showing hand pointing to three dots and Edit highlighted

Add or delete items

  1. Scroll down to 'Product Items' section

  2. Select ‘+Add New’ to add a new item. Or select 'X' to remove the item

  3. Select ‘Update’ to save changes.

Add request notes

  1. Scroll down to Request Note section and select 'Add New'

  2. Select 'Note To', 'Note Type' and enter your request note

  3. Select 'Update' to save changes.

Screenshot Request Notes section

Add documents

  1. Scroll down to the Attachments section

  2. Select 'Add New'

  3. Select file type (ACC96, quote, assessment report, other)

  4. Add the file from your device, select 'Open'

  5. Select 'Update'.

Attachments section screenshot with Add New button in red box