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Finding items available in re-issue

Want to know what is available in re-issue? In the first instance get in touch with our clinical advisory team.

However if you want to search yourself in the ACC MRES app; -

1. Select the MRES ACC ‘Inventory’ tab and then either the ‘Re-issue details’ or ‘Re-issue count’ tabs.

  • Note: The Re-issue count tab has the supplier code (so you can check the item is exactly what is needed) and the Re-issue details tab can include more information about the item including a photo.

Screenshot of the Re-issue count tab.

2. Click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner, click on “Catalogue item’ or ‘Description’ and then select drop down option ‘Contains’. Tip: Type in generic search word e.g. mattress

Screenshot Catalogue Search MRES App

3. View the search results.

Screenshot Available for Reissue search results MRES APp

If your preferred item is in stock:

  • copy the catalogue item description (highlight and CTRL + C), and

  • paste (CTRL + V) the description into the product line in your order.

This will ensure you order the correct item for your client.

You will only be provided with this exact item. If accessories are required (eg, wheelchair accessories) you'll need to:

  1. attach a quote for them, and

  2. create an additional equipment line using 'ENON as quote'

Re-issue wheelchairs

For re-issue wheelchairs please email a completed Wheelchair Specification Form

ACC MRES » Enable New Zealand to, and one of our team will liaise back with you.