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Non-list equipment orders

If the item you wish to order is not in our ACC equipment list, you can create a 'non-list' equipment order. To ensure your client receives the correct and complete item(s), you will need to provide an assessment report and may need to provide quote/s. Please follow these guidelines.

Before ordering non-list equipment please note:

  • Non-list equipment under $100 (excl. GST and freight) is not covered under the MRES contract.

  • Non-list equipment can be trialled if this service is offered by a New Zealand supplier,unless equipment is an accessory to main equipment item.  Please use ACC EU100 process.

  • Non-list equipment may take longer to source and deliver, depending on product availability. Please check availability with the equipment supplier before ordering.

  • Our Clinical Service Advisors review all requests for non-list equipment that are either over $1,000 (GST excl.) or non-disability, retail shop products.

Use 'ENON-As quote' code

Use 'ENON - As Quote' code in your order and attach your quote(s) and assessment report. 

Please ensure quotes contain the supplier's details. If we find the same item at another supplier for a lower price, we may purchase it from that supplier instead. 

  • Enter the supplier in the 'Supplier' field.

  • Enter the quote number and a brief description in the 'Quote number' field.

Final quotes after successful trial

After a successful trial, a·final quote is required to ensure the correct equipment is ordered. 

Update the quote reference number if it has changed from the original quote supplied.